Oregon Governor
Constitution Party Candidate in 2018

Aaron Auer

    Aaron's Political Perspectives

 Aaron believes that something must be done about the horrible abuse of taxpayers caused by the Public Employees Retirement System, mass transit, and the Oregon Obama Care. He also believes we must restore the rights of property owners to use their land, and that businesses need to be set free to make Oregon great again.

Aaron believes that as a member of a minor party he can work with members of both major parties to get rid of gridlock and partisan strife. As governor, Aaron will use his veto to restrain the legislatureís production of tax and spend measures and their desire to promote a nightmare of bureaucratic regulations, holding them in check as they try to infringe on our Constitutional rights.

     Aaron is a strong supporter of your right to keep and bear arms. He will veto any legislation that violates that right.

     Aaron is a strong supporter of the right to life of the preborn as well. He has pledged to veto any budget that contains state funding for that attack on the most defenseless members of our society.

     Aaron strongly opposes giving any group of persons special rights on the basis of their personal choices. He believes that everyone is entitled to equal justice before the law, and that Oregon should not be a sanctuary for lawbreakers.

     Aaron wants your vote. He deserves your vote.
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                          Aaron Auer's bio

     Aaron Auer, a 5th generation native of Oregon,
was born and raised in the Umpqua Valley. He was
brought up by God-fearing parents who taught him
the values of hard work and patriotism. The family
dairy farm, the Auer Jersey Farm, won awards and
it had the reputation for being the cleanest in the
state of Oregon and for producing the highest
quality raw milk.

     Aaron is no ivory-tower academian. His
passion for sports and his athletic ability enabled
him to excel in football, basketball, and baseball. In
1981, as quarterback for the South Umpqua
Lancers, he led his team to a co-championship. He
also has a sharp mind and a keen memory. He
pays close attention to detail.

     In 2007, Aaron began a quest for the roots of
the State of Oregon after he discovered two
statues on the capital grounds in Salem. One
commemorated the original preaching statesman,
Jason Lee, who was Oregon's true founding father.
The other commemorated the circuit riding
preachers of that era that shaped the people and
civic views in Oregon. Aaron subsequently started
a ministry called Reviving Oregonís Amazing
Roots, R.O.A.R., to expand and preserve the
knowledge of these things.

     Among Native Americans, Aaron is known by
the name Pure Thunder. He is renewing historical
knowledge of the Indian people of Oregon and their
quest for the Book of Heaven before Oregon was
even a state.

     Aaron Auer has discovered many older books
in his quest for this information and is a historian in
his own right. As it is so aptly said, those who don't
learn from history are doomed to repeat it. He has
made it a point to learn from the history of the State
of Oregon. He is surrounded by others who are of
the same viewpoint and that are students in many
areas that pertain to government. When he needs
answers he doesn't have, he knows where to go to
get them.

     His platform is the platform of the Constitution
Party of Oregon - that platform drew him into the
party initially. If you donít have a copy, you can see
it at www.constitutionpartyoregon.net. You can call
Chairman Jack Brown at 541-659-4313 if you want to volunteer or ask questions.


Aaron Donald Auer - Running To Win!

Are you ready for a governor who will govern with 
Thee Governor: The Lord Himself 
The Book of Heaven, 
Our Heritage, and The Constitution? 
Yea or Nay?

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You can call
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